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helping TGIs earn their stripes


In 2013 Fridays felt the need to grow up. This change wasn’t received as well as planned, and left customers wondering where the fun had gone.

We’ve been working with TGI for over 10 years, and have helped them uphold their iconic positioning of being the fun restaurant brand. Recently this positioning needed a ‘poke’ and we responded with a repositioned brand experience to re-embody the qualities of energy, vibrancy and to shift guest perception.


Clarity has been an integral part of TGI’s rise to the top. Creating multi-platform brand experiences for over 10 years.

In-restauraunt experiences, engaging campaigns, team events and product development have all been part of the work Clarity has delivered for TGI Fridays year after year.

Clarity developed a messaging strategy and creative platform packed full of the Fridays attitude they were famous for.

We've created a seamless transition throughout the brand experience, promoting that Fridays Fun is back on the menu.

It’s not all about the Millennials… families play a key role in Fridays customer base.

The hugely successful “Meet your Match” campaign evolved, bringing further provenance to TGI’s food.

We created a new style of bespoke photography for food, drink and lifestyle to showcase the fun and energy of TGI Fridays.

Tasked with reviving Fridays online presence Clarity designed, developed and delivered a site packed with Fridays attitude.

Built to be fully responsive and driven by an intuitive CMS to keep it efficient and reactive, the new site is a platform to deliver greater guest participation and roll out the future digital strategy for Fridays.

Fridays wanted to give something back to their customers so the Fridays App was introduced, packed with offers and rewards to drive uptake and feed insight to the ECRM system.

Through the App, we have been able to capture more data on guests’ preferences and behaviours. This segmentation allows us to tailor Fridays ECRM communication with more personal and relevant content to Fridays guests.