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Refreshing the way coca-cola do business


Coca Cola Enterprises engaged us to develop a internal engagement campaign to reduce the employee turnover.

In the research phase we discovered that there was a real pride in working for Coca Cola - the worlds biggest brand. Something to be genuinely passionate about. This converted into the 'Passion for Action' messaging platform.

Creating the simple and engaging messaging platform ‘Passion for Action’ galvanized the project and became the key to the success of the wider campaign.

Clarity are experts at alignment. We Take a rich 360 approach to understanding the prospect's journey and providing them with a much richer experience.

Designing the interior was key to facilitating a much more powerful experience. The kind of culture Coke were trying to create could then be experienced by the team daily, in the physical environment.

An online micro-site to house rich digital campaign content was a core aspect of our solution.

Clarity are leaders in engagement. We tell stories that move people to action, shift cultures and change behaviour.

We gave the team tools to record and make notes of their triumphs and learning experiences. Entertaining and fun mechanisms where used to build momentum and engagement around the campaign.

The Results


of team turnover in the first year of the campaign


in sales as a result of outbound call behaviour